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1.营运总监 Center Director

The Center Manager is responsible for the full operation of the Learning Center including course sales, the delivery of academic services, student service (front desk and customer relations) and finance. This includes all pre-sale and post-sale activity in the center.

Key Responsibilities:
   Marketing - Plan and executive school marketing activities to build, maintain and promote brand name in the local market, attract potential customersfor telephone and visits, sales and re-sales.
   Teaching - Ensure teaching quality continually improves.
   Sales - Supervise the senior course consultant and the sales team to improve the sales process, monitor the sales team and meet budgeted sales targets.
   Recruiting and Training - Be in charge of staff employment, ensure all staff receive appropriate training and participate in evaluations of both Chinese and foreign staff.
   Finance and Accounting - Ensure accounting tasks are carried out effectively and clearly; create annual budget, arrange the payment of reasonable expenses according to budget and approved guidelines
   Logistics - Ensure that all departments have timely and effective logistics support.
Technology and Systems - Make sure IT and computer equipment meets the English First standard. Ensure that all relevant information is registered in properly in the production system.

Essential Skills/Experience:
   -Strong interpersonal skills and proven track record in team leadership and staff management.
   -Sales and marketing background, previous experience in meeting sales targets a plus.
   -Organizational abilities, detail-oriented and able to manage complex multifaceted organization.
   -Can work under pressure, creative, problem-solving and self-motivated.
   -Good people management skill, able to hire, train and monitor staff.
   -Basic finance management skills.
   -Good computer skills, including MS-Office.


   1、 整合各类资源,控制成本,保持中心的业绩可持续稳定增长。
   2、 员工的招聘及训练与指导。
   3、 品牌市场宣传。
   4、 利用有效的方法激励中心的全体工作人员。
   5、 保持水准的客户服务和授课质量。
   6、 与总公司进行有效沟通并且给予行政配合。
   7、 每周及每月向Home Office提交管理报告。

   1、 本科以上学历,MBA、海归更佳
   2、 英文四级,流利的英语应用及会话能力
   3、 对本地市场人文的了解,了解教育或早教市场
   4、 工作五年以上,有销售、服务经验三年以上管理经验
   5、 品牌文化的高度认同
   6、 训练与指导的能力
   7、 出色的领导能力,良好的职业形象
   8、 良好的人际关系和沟通能力
   9、 具有良好的压力承受能力口才好


   -Teach & facilitate classes
   -Lesson plans preparation
   -Classrooms set-up
   -Equipments care taking

   -Bachelor degree & above
   -Excellent command of English (level 6 or above) ,native speaker is better
   -Excellent interpersonal communications kill
   -Leadership quality
   -Outgoing, energetic, passionate, and cheerful
   -Love and patient, enjoy working with children
   -Priority will be given to the individual (Chinese or Foreigners) with a diploma in
    children education from overseas
   -Teaching background, is a plus



3.市场专员 Marketing Officer

   -Full understanding of the brand and target audience
   -Developing marketing strategies for the center.
   -Take charge of brand marketing activities execution, including Advertising, Visual merchandising, Event, Promotion and so on
   -Generating leads for the center.
   -Assist in developing, managing and executing center marketing events and activities,budgeting and measuring activities effectiveness
   -Key marketing coordinator within different departments
   -Assist in other marketing related paper work and admin duties

   -Bachelor degree & above
   -Good command of English (level 6 or above)
   -2 years of marketing experience
   -Can work independently under high pressure
   -Good communication skill and team work
   -Energetic and hard working



4.课程销售顾问Course Consultant





   -熟悉Windows Office操作


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