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The infant/toddler period is the time of fastest brain growth and development in a human’s life. Infants and toddlers’ brain has infinite creative potential and the formation of synapses (connections between brain cells) and myelination (myelin is a substance that covers brain cells to promote electrical transmission of impulses) has not been fixed.

Therefore, materiality, divergence and saltation in thinking, the key qualities of creative thinking, are manifest. An influence and indoctrinization of adult thinking in this period will make a premature formation of babies’ brain cells and thus hold back the development of creative thinking capability of babies.

Bearing this in mind, Kmy Art program introduces process art from the U.K., providing opportunities for your babies to creatively express their feelings towards outside world and inside psyche with various materials and colors. This process inspires your babies’ artistic expression, and greatly improves their development in creativity and imagination as well.

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