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Kmy Play is a skill-and-age-specific creative movement and exciting entertainment interactive program moduled in 5 levels that are set by international authoritative early childhood education experts according to different month-age of infants and toddlers’ growth and development features. Every level of our program focuses on the specific development target of babies, what infants and toddlers generally should know or be able to do, and what areas of potential and capacity should be properly and scientifically inspired and developed, within specific age ranges.

Under special instruction of our professional and tender loving instructors, and accompanied by parents or caregivers, babies practice large muscles and small muscles, know each other, interactive with each other, and enjoy the fun and deep meaning of “Play”. Kmy Play program, as a best tool for learning, is designed and provided with an aim of effectively improving and broadening a harmonious and comprehensive development in babies’ mental and intellective capabilities, by building a foundation for academic skills: learning to get along with others and developing pride in their accomplishments. In addition, it can help to strengthen the parent-child attachment and bond. Also, it introduces to parents and caregivers the most advanced and scientific baby fostering and parenting ideal and methods, which will build up a solid foundation for future development of your babies.

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