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Kmy Spa, aims to improve the establishment and development of cutaneous sensation of babies, by stimulating skin of babies gently in the particular-quality water under specific water temperature.

The free body exercise in water helps to enhance baby muscle active level, regulate blood circulation, enhance myocardial function, increase lung capacity, so as to enhance immune system function, soothe baby body and mind, eliminate negative feelings like aloneness, anxiety and fear, and attain physical and mental health development.

Our professional instructors’ loving touch (infantile touching) can indirectly act on muscle and internal organs, to enhance baby tactile sensation, keep skin energy, increase the digestive juice secretion in the intestines and stomach, promote digestion, absorption and excretion, which best improves the growth and development of babies. Infantile touching also can improve baby respiration intensity, blood circulation, and promote baby-adult connection and communication. Infantile touching aided with language, can enhance baby hearing and positively act on baby physical and psychological development.

Kmy Spa introduces foreign professional infantile spa and touch skill and technique, combined with localized instructed intervention, improving baby healthy growth and development when enjoying the quality happy time and shared experience of parent-child attachment and bond.

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