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Every child has an innate uniqueness,
expecting to be "discovered", "explored" and "guided".
Inspire & Care, is Kmybaby's Mission.
We are always with you,
devoting to inspiring potential,
and create happiness for our babies!
 babies’ home in the international house,
"Preparing your child for a strong tomorrow!"

Kmybaby (China) Early Education
● World Leading  ● U.K. Originating ●  Global Sharing

Who are we?

Inspire & Care
We are the global leading caregiver and educator of babies
We are your babies’ considerate caregiver and life guide
We think about what parents think and care for what kids and parents want and need

Kmybaby International, is the global leading early childhood education organization originated from the U.K. We are babies’ home in the international house.
We pay special attention to the perfect combination of the essence of world modern early childhood education and the developmental characteristics of infants and toddlers from various regions and cultural backgrounds, which makes us a leading international early education organization, specially focusing on kids of 0 to 3 years of age.

Our program contains 6 modules, 6 levels and one linking “Fun & Learn” program. It is elaborately tailored for children aged 0 to 3 years, recognizing that intellectual, social, emotional and physical developments are intricately interwoven. We devote into integrating all areas of learning, by inspiring comprehensive potential and capacity of children, and cultivating them into one with a spirit of lots of love, elaboration, exploration, creativity, spontaneity and independence. A multitude of colorful activities is provided through Kmy Spa, Kmy Music, Kmy Play, Kmy Yoga, Kmy Art and Kmy Practice, etc. We create the overall interactive bilingual teaching method that is widely applied in our centers and all of our programs are aimed to develop and improve babies’ potentiality and capacity in learning & cognitive development; communication & emerging literacy; creative expression; physical & motor development; social, emotional & personal development; family, early learning settings & community partnerships, etc..

“Inspire & Care” is our belief. Our mission is to cultivate and inspire the 5 key intelligence in the growth of children, ranging from physical and motor intelligence, emotional & social intelligence, cognitive intelligence, language intelligence to musical intelligence.

Our teachers are committed and responsive to each child's needs. We strive to enlighten our children a love of learning and discovery, and a sense of trust and worthiness that they will take with them into their future experiences.

We believe that children of the big international family, Kmybaby Early Childhood Center, will grow with self-confidence, active optimism, excellent learning and socialization skills, and enhanced self-esteem, preparing them for a strong tomorrow!

What do we do?

We think about what parents think and care for what kids and parents want and need.
Our curricula and teaching resources are developed by the research and compiling team of International House World Organization and practiced wonderfully worldwide. Physical fun is balanced with music, nature appreciation, arts and crafts. Children are encouraged in cooperative play, encouraging self confidence and inspiring potential through a wide variety of games, toys, imaginative play and special equipment.

Bearing our philosophy in mind, we:
Foster independence of the children by teaching them and by allowing them to do things for themselves.
Encourage social interaction by stressing cooperation, participation and sharing.
Provide opportunities for physical, intellectual and emotional development.

What do we believe?

All who care for and educate infants and toddlers, whether in formal or informal early learning settings, have a significant impact on children’s future successes.

Healthy attachment relationships are critical for successful early learning during the infant and toddler years and provide the essential foundation on which all subsequent learning occurs.

All infants and toddlers can learn and deserve suitably high expectations that are age, individually, and culturally appropriate.

Infants and toddlers learn best through meaningful play, concrete sensory interactions and intentional activities, experiences, and active exploration of their environment as well as through interactions with adults in the context of routine care.

The multiple learning environments for infants and toddlers should stimulate and engage their curiosity of the world around them and meet their needs in all domains so children are and feel healthy, safe, secure and nurtured.

Infants and toddlers learn best in language-rich environments where reciprocal communication is an integral part of the learning experience. OR Language and early literacy development must be supported and integrated throughout all aspects of formal and informal early childhood care and education programs for infants and toddlers.

Infants’and toddlers’learning, development, and opportunities are supported when their teachers are trained in early childhood development and education, including professional training and ongoing professional development specific to infants and toddlers; are intentional in their relationships; and work with families to increase knowledge and support of child development.

Early childhood care and education programs must address the individual needs of all infants and toddlers (e.g. with special needs, from diverse cultural backgrounds, from all socio-economic groups, etc.) and respect their families.

Early childhood care and education programs are defined by a set of comprehensive standards that maximize an infant’s or toddler’s growth and development across all domains and that recognize that the domains are dynamically inter-related, especially during the infant and toddler years.

Effective support for infant/toddler development requires a system of assessment that documents infants’ and toddlers’ growth and development in relationship to a defined set of standards and is used to inform practice.

Infants’and toddlers’learning is enhanced when families, early learning environments/settings, and communities work together to provide continuity of high quality care.

What do we offer?

We are babies’ home in the International House.
Here you may “discover” an international family atmosphere and comfortable home feeling where children are loved, cared for and considered about!

Here you may “find” a happy and safe place for children to touch, feel, move, play, explore and enjoy in!

Here you may “experience” a considerate and warm environment for parents and children to cherish their bond!

Here your babies may “obtain” their own Scientific Assessment from KmyBaby made by our senior babycare experts in the U.K., according to the authoritative “International Children Growth & Development Assessment Standard”.

Here you may pleasantly “surprised” at every progress and your children make!

We are your babies’ considerate caregiver and life guide.

As a family member of KmyBaby in the International House, you will happily enjoy our KmyBaby Classes, learn more and gain more. KmyBaby curriculum are tailor-made for your children in accordance with a scientific differentiation in the age range of babies and toddlers, with a view to minimizing the individual differences in the same class.

We are characterized by a warm and home-feeling learning environment,  professional teacher resources including Chinese and foreign experts, teachers and counsellors, a small-sized class specially designed for only 8 babies, and a most considerate membership service. At KmyBaby, we provide quality experimental learning experience for your children in a happy and positive environment with recognition where their individuality and uniqueness can be fully developed shown!

In addition, you will enjoy KmyBaby toy, baby product and clothing discounts, free classes, parents handouts, free activities and life guidance and more from our KmyBaby experts, for free!

Let’s expect together happy growth and development of your children at KmyBaby!

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