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6 Levels of Colorful Program

KmyBaby ECE Program is modularized into 6 levels, according to the growth and development features of babies of 0 to 3 years of age. Elaborately-tailored curricula are specially designed for different month-age of babies to fully develop their potential and capacity.

Level 1: 0 to 3 months, Touching Soothing Period
Recommended Course: KMY SPA

Babies of this month-age follow objects or faces with eyes as they move, and identify voice and smell of caregivers and parents. This is the best time to build up a parent-child attachment and bond. Babies also require for physical contact and begin to control and lift head in the upright position and try to roll over.

Kmy Spa, right meets babies’ requirement for physical contact and helps to build up and enhance the cardio-pulmonary function of babies. Scientific and technical intervention of our instructors can also help babies to adapt to the skills of raising head and turning over.

Level 2: 3 to 7 months, Spontaneity Period
Recommended Courses: KMY SPA, KMY PLAY 

Babies of this month-age transition from immobile to learning how to get around in their environments. They progress from being passive recipients of external events to being individuals who can act on the environment and shape their own experiences. For example, babies can purposefully kick, raise and wave hands, and suck, etc.. For this period, caregivers and parents should provide opportunities for exploration. Essential practices to support their learning focus on paying attention to the infants’ interests and appropriately expanding their understanding of the experience.

On the basis of Kmy Spa, babies of 6 to 7 months are recommended to join Kmy Play. In Kmy Play classes, diversified colorful and enjoyable play activities are offered and supported by KmyBaby instructors, fully encouraging the development of spontaneity and exploration of your children.

Level 3: 7 to 12 months, Movement Coordination Period
Recommended Courses: KMY SPA, KMY PLAY 

Babies of this month-age can crawl and transition into mobile young toddlers. They begin to express their needs through gestures and vocalizations. Each child’s unique personality becomes more evident. Mobile babies begin to form a brand new recognition of the outside world. Parents and caregivers must become sensitive to ensuring environmental safety for babies yet providing opportunities for “discovery” and “exploration”.

Kmy Play sets series of play parts and activities, scientifically improving your children’s development in sociality, emotion, physical ability and congnition, etc..

Play is the “work” and “recognition” of children!

Level 4: 12 to 18 months, Language Understanding Period
Recommended Courses: KMY PLAY, KMY MUSIC 

Babies begin to show their individuality and personality and begin a language absorption stage. They have an initial understanding on language and can walk alone and fetch objects purposefully.

Kmy Play for this month-age of babies adds into more activities helping babies to improve their language ability and at the same time paying attention to cultivate babies’ initial sense of self-protection.

Language and communication developments are focus of this stage. Kmy Play, together with Kmy Music beginning from this stage, can improve babies’ interest in music, by inspiring their interest in music and their actual feeling towards music, and can at the same time enhance their language ability and accumulate their social experience in such a special and unique way of communication.

Level 5: 18 to 24 months, Figure Association Period
Recommended Courses: KMY PLAY, KMY MUSIC, KMY ART 

In this period, babies make obvious progress in expressive ability and begin to show a strong interest in symbols, signs, figures and letters, etc. We can help to form the image of realistic objects in babies’ brain through sounds, voices, words and flashcards, etc. in the way of figure association. Kmy Art, introduced in this period on the basis of Kmy Play and Music, provides space for independent thinking of babies and cultivates their independent thinking ability and symbols understanding through the experience of activities.

Level 6: 24 to 36 months, Independence & Spontaneity Period

Babies are full of a zest for active learning in all domains. They are proud of every progress of themselves and proud to share new accomplishments with adults. They try to spend as much time as possible playing with adults, which is their best way of learning.

Peers become more interesting, which leads to early conflicts and increased demands to learn how to regulate emotions. Parents and caregivers must take time to let children attempt solutions to problems and laugh with every new discovery.

In this stage, KmyBaby recommends Kmy Practice for our babies. In Kmy Practice, babies’ desire for knowledge will be greatly inspired and cultivated. Through our elaborately-tailored activities and movements, babies are provided with opportunities for them to solve problems independently. Besides, various social practice activities help to develop babies’ social ability and self-care ability, preparing them for the coming fantastic but challenging kindergarten life!


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